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The Security Guard


Five things not to do when you’re a security guard – Security Guard

30 July 2021
We’ve learnt some lessons from the security guards on the show.
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Every Friday at 19:30hrs we meet up with the Tizadyanabo security guards at their #ZambeziMagic headquarters on floor 162. 

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh this is the place to be, but there’s always something happening or going wrong. Since the new season started, there’s been a new platoon commander, they’ve lost one of their biggest contracts and their financials have also been audited. If the security guards focused on their work and stopped all the other shenanigans that they get up to, we are pretty sure Tizadyanabo would be the greatest security firm in the land. 

Here are five things we think a security guard should not do: 

* Don’t sleep on the job 

* Don’t run a secondary business on the job 

* Don’t drink on the job (water and cool drink are allowed) 

* Don’t be late and show up when it’s your shift 

* Don’t steal company property 

Let us know some of your tips and hopefully the security guards at Tizadyanabo will learn a thing or two. ?

Catch #ZMSecurityGuard at 19:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162.