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20 fun facts about Zuba’s Mwaka Mugala

14 June 2022
Here are 20 fun facts you may not know about Zuba’s Mwaka Mugala!
MWAKA Mugala FB Live chat

On Friday 27 May 2022, we had the amazing opportunity to chat live with Mwaka Mugala, the talented actress who plays the role of Zuba in fan-favourite, Zuba. It was a pleasure for many fans to finally interact with their fave who was only too happy to answer questions.

It was a fun Facebook Live Chat filled with laughter and many curious comments. Our Zambezi Magic fam even wanted to know about Mwaka’s marital status and if she has kids!

Here are 20 fun facts you may not know about Mwaka Mugala.

  1. Mwaka is not married. She is currently dating and keeping her relationship a secret.
  2. Friday is her favourite day of the week, as she looks forward to spending the weekend with her girls or loved ones.
  3. Mwaka uses shea butter, and she exfoliates her skin twice a week as she is big on skin care.
  4. She always tries to eat healthy at mealtime and her diet includes fruits and vegetables.
  5. She is a confident woman and has learned how to filter out negative comments about her acting through self-care and prayer.
  6. She is half Nyika and half Soli.
  7. She loves the character Zuba and finds her sweet and innocent.
  8. She had to learn Tonga for her role on Zuba and Bulongo Mukkuli who acts as Niko helps her out with the language.
  9. She has never fallen in love with any of her coworkers.
  10. She speaks a bit of most local languages.
  11. The death of Thando’s character was one of the most emotional moments for her in the telenovela.
  12. She loves girls' lunches and hangouts.
  13. She hopes to venture into directing and writing shows and movies in the future.
  14. She draws and paints.
  15. She does a lot of charity work which she mostly keeps private.
  16. What keeps her going is her will to show people that achieving your dreams is possible if you put in the work.
  17. Mwaka is an avid YouTuber. You can check out her videos where she reviews books, shares her passions and sips on some bubbles!
  18. Mwaka owns and plays a guitar.
  19. Like the character she plays in Zuba, Mwaka also designs some of her clothes in real life.
  20. She is a loyal viewer of the Zuba telenovela.

Make sure you keep up with Mwaka Mugala as Zuba every Monday to Friday at 20:00hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.