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Tasha and Zuba Uncut – Style With Roses

04 July 2019
Telenovela stars Sophia and Mwaka asyou have never seen them before
zmswr ep 10

In 2018 when the Telenovela series Zuba hit the screens, not many people were prepared for the impact it would have. As the days rolled on, viewers not only identified with all the individual stars, but also selected their favs.

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A firm fan favorite was Zuba. The naïve village girl who has had to struggle for everything, even in her father’s house at the hands of her step mother. And when she was conned into taking a maid’s job in the city, her woes only intensified at the Sosala mansion.

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On the other hand, baby of the Sosala house Tasha enjoyed having her way and never being questioned, until she became friends with Zuba and her excesses were toned down somewhat; after a near fatal wayward phase.

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On this week’s episode of Style With Roses, both women sit down with Rose Sibisi to talk about all the pressures of being on TV, and the impact it has had on their personal lives. So make sure to tune in to ZambeziMagic to get a glimpse into the personal lives of our big screen sweethearts Mwaka Mugala and Sophia Chapeshamano.

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