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The Court of Friday Night Laughs

24 February 2020
Magistrate Spoiler presiding!

The case of The Thief, the traumatized chicken, and the corrupt dogs

Spencer The Thief (defendant) is brought before Magistrate Spoiler for his crimes against The Chicken Farmer (plaintiff).

After chasing down the chicken until it was too tired to run any further, The Thief caught it and took it to the market to sell.

But how did The Chicken Farmer know that the chicken at the market was his chicken?

Well, turns out that quite by chance, the chicken and The Chicken Farmer made eye contact at the market. The chicken’s eyes showed a deep sadness and - according to the The Chicken Farmer – couldn’t mask it’s contempt for the The Chicken Farmer, as though blaming The Chicken Farmer for it’s being stolen.

An addendum

As the case unfolded before Magistrate Spoiler, The Thief was further charged with corrupting The Chicken Farmer’s dogs, who showed a failure to perform their duty in failing to stop The Thief.

The Thief’s counter argument was that the dog’s themselves should be charged with accepting a bribe!

With the evidence against him mounting, The Thief had no choice but to plead guilty and hope to receive a lighter sentence based on his cooperation; going so far as to reveal the ends of the other chicken’s he had stolen from The Chicken Farmer.

The Sentence

With the case summarily solved, Magistrate Spoiler gave his verdict: to tie The Thief to a tree and have his backside heavily flogged!

That's the case of The Thief, the traumatised chicken and the corrupt dogs! Make a date with #ZMSpoiler for more roaring laughs Friday Night’s at 21:00 on Zambezi Magic DStv CH 162