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The Court of Friday Night Laughs (Part 2)

24 February 2020
The case of Lizzie Vs The Esteemed Educator
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Lizzie was clever enough to record her Esteemed Educator as he obliviously confessed to accepting bribes as payment for leaking the upcoming examination paper. The Esteemed Educator, even went so far as to negotiate a payment in cash or ‘in kind’ with the incorruptible Lizzie!

Supported by this damning recording, Lizzie’s case fell before Magistrate Spoiler who was tasked with meting out a punishment to suit the crime. It was an indefensible case, and Magistrate Spoiler promptly sentenced The Esteemed Educator to two days without food or drink!

However, following The Esteemed Educator’s persistent questions surrounding the implementation of the sentence, Magistrate Spoiler had to break down the terms of the sentence to make them more…palatable.

For starters...
The Esteemed Educator could partake of a single biscuit.

For mains…
The Esteemed Educator was permitted to partake of, say a piece of chicken or meat, but NOT to derive any satisfaction or fulfillment from it. As a whole, he was allowed to eat soft foods only!

The issue of drink…
The Esteemed Educator could of course drink mineral water. But the minerals found within the mineral water, were at the Court’s discretion. And should the defendant fall sick, the Court would not be held liable!

That's the case of Lizzie Vs The Esteemed Educator!
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