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What’s happening on OneZed this week?

03 November 2021
The home of Zambian television delivers more great shows!
This week on One Zed

OneZed fam, roll your sleeves up for another week filled with drama, plot twists, reality, and comedy to keep you entertained for hours. 

It might be necessary to keep your eyes glued to your TV screens because something fresh is coming your way after we heard about your undying love for your favourite Zed telenovelas. To be in the know of what to look out for this week, keep reading!

Fresh new show | Amooye

We kick off the week with a fantastic season of Amooye. If you have a special place in your heart for all things fabulous and dramatic, we’ve got you covered. Amooye follows the lives of three ladies who must deal with various life challenges coming their way. Get ready for an extra dose of drama, from marriage, the lack of it, careers and so much more. You can tune in to this fresh new show starting tonight at 21:00hrs. If you miss it, don’t worry! You can also watch on Showmax.

ZubaMonday to Friday at 20:00hrs

This week, things get a little messy for Suwi, who is Susan, as she tries her best to end Zuba’s pregnancy. We also discover how much closer Susan is to the village despite her calling Zuba a village girl. There is something fishy going on in the Sosala household and Inspector Niko wants to get to the bottom of it; or is he simply there to hound Zuba who seems to be smitten by the handsome Inspector? Whatever is it, we want to find out! 

Mpali | Monday to Wednesday at 20:30hrs

In the world of Mpali, the Nguzu household remains in great panic as the investigation of the Mwale murder suspect draws closer to them. Nguzu, who so dearly loves his wives, is trying by his best to protect their interests and make sure they are not caught in the mess, but no one really knows what is going to happen next! Shupiwe is on her husband’s bad side, do you think she will shake off the blame for all chaos and tension? Make sure you tune in to find out!

The Security Guard | Thursday at 21:00hrs

What is a #OneZed week without a dash of humour that causes us to shake in laughter? After a long week of being busy, all you need is Alibaba and his team to put a smile on your face from their shenanigans. There’s never a quiet moment in the world of The Security Guard where men are running away from home responsibilities and bosses who follow them to make sure they are at their “post”. Let’s talk about the famous book that the guards are always asked to sign after misbehaving. Wouldn’t you want to have a browse through it? We wonder what other misdemeanors are mentioned in there. Don’t forget to catch The Security Guard in action this week. You are guaranteed a laugh!

Landlady Meets Landlord | Friday at 20:30

To make sure that you overload on laughter, which is never a bad thing, Landlady Meets Landlord is bound to give you cramps from the drama we see in the compound. Firstly, Mum Lizzie will always have something going on. If she is not pointing out strangeness in the house, she is causing havoc but expect to see her in a different state this week because not everything is always a joke in the compound. 

There you have it! Here are some exciting shows hitting the OneZed screens this week. Make sure you don’t miss any of it!