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Snakes and Ladders


We’re not kids anymore – Mu8teen

09 November 2020
Life gets harder for the teens as they transition into adulthood.
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So much has happened to JB, Dre, Tama and Owema. Here's a recap, incase you missed it.


When JB arrived in the city in season 1 to live with his late father’s boss, the experience had nothing but tough lessons in store for the naïve village boy, especially because his new guardian was a hardened man. More resilient than he looked, JB quickly cut through the township ranks and was named captain of the Mu8teen soccer team. And because of his new leadership role, JB found himself with a target on his back. This was immediately apparent in the season opener of #Mu8teen season 2 when JB led his soccer team to a decisive victory. Not everybody was happy about the win. In fact, it infuriated local businessman Mundia who had bet millions of Kwachas on JB’s team losing the match. In the blink of an eye, a hit was put out on JB, kickstarting the beginning of JB’s adulthood woes.

When Dre was released from prison after accidentally killing Andy (Tama’s brother), he made his way back to Tama’s house, desperate for forgiveness. His mission was to fit into society again, but after serving time this proved to be harder than he could have ever imagined. Then, when Tama was kidnapped Dre found himself getting pulled back into his old life, all this as he attempted to rescue Tama. Soon, bullets flew through the air, conspiracies spread like wildfire and another dead body filled up Dre’s plate.

Trauma and tragedy have followed Tama all the days of her life. While she mourned her brother Andy’s death, his killer was released from prison, and circumstances forced her to coexist with him in uncomfortably close quarters. Even an innocent girls night out couldn’t go right, and Tama was kidnapped at the club. With so much working against her, this testing time soon warped the young woman’s mind, and threatened to break her altogether.

The love that Owema and JB share is one for the ages, but that’s no guarantee of smooth seas. Owema’s rose-tinted glasses were smashed after she witnessed JB's fight with her father; and overheard confessions and accusations that would impact her life forever. Is blood thicker than water? Before Owema could answer this question, death came knocking and she too was kidnapped.

Everybody has an agenda

The action is pouring in thick and fast on #Mu8teen season 2. Make a date with this dynamic drama on One Zed DStv Ch 172 and GOtv CH 8 every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00hrs.