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Shots fired on Umutenge finale!

26 July 2020
The competition between Mrs Changala and Mrs Silwamba culminates in a life-threatening shooting
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Umutenge Season 2 reached an enthralling climax on #OneZED. After the sisters’ mother staged an intervention to encourage them to remain married to the same man, Bana Monde (Mrs Silwamba) sunk into a deep depression at the thought of having to share her husband with her own flesh and blood.

Then as the strife in the Silwamba household spiraled out of control, the sisters’ mother reversed her position and saw it fit to sacrifice traditional values to restore the marriage back to its original and rightful owner Mrs Silwamba.

Around the same time, Mr Silwamba began to have doubts about Mrs Changala. Could he really trust a woman who would wreck her own sister’s marriage?

When Mrs Changala noticed this turn in the tide she tried to fight back. She went so far as to extend a worthy offer, if he would only choose her and abandon his first wife.

Amid all this chaos, it was easy to forget that Mrs Changala was a married woman herself who had escaped domestic turmoil on her own home front. During the time of her absence from her original marital home, her husband began to abuse their daughter, causing the young woman to dabble in drugs. Naturally, Mrs Changala was devastated when she found out.

Perhaps this disintegration of her immediate family was too much to bear for Mrs Changala, because she resolved to pursue Mr Silwamba with even greater determination. In a last-ditch effort to secure her position in what she believed to be a better home, she fired and shot at her sister to force her to leave the house and her marriage to Mr Silwamba.


#Umutenge season 2 portrayed the dark and twisted extremes of sibling rivalry. It carried a poignant lesson: “The roof of a home you don’t live in is so admirable.” Stay tuned for more great entertainment co