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Scintillating Freshness this Spring – One Zed TV

17 September 2019
We're serving up a sizzling September
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Spring has sprung! And with it, OneZed has a burst of exhilarating freshness coming your way. Here's our bouquet of ALL NEW shows bound to make your September sunforgettable!

1569507694 34 1zed dmfzambia s1 e4 20190912 babymama

Date My Family Zambia

#DMFZambia is a highly rated reality dating show that kicked off our #OneZedTV 2019 Spring Calendars on 14 August. In it, Zambian singletons put themselves ‘out-there’ for a one in three shot of love or bust by going out on dates with their potential suitor's family. On your screens every Wednesday at 21:00 on DStv CH 172!

1569507861 34 1zed mystoryzambia s1 e3 20190912 patrick

My Story Zambia

#MyStoryZambia gives an unprecedented inside look into the lives of iconic Zambians through the times. Extending across divergent paths of life and covering epic rises and falls, this is the inside story you’ve never heard, from the history makers themselves. Friday’s at 20:00 on DStv CH 172

1569507937 34 screenshot 2019 09 26 at 16.17.48


Cover-up’s, financial mis-dealings and a master brew of vices make #Collision edge-of-your-seat prime time viewing. Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:00 on DStv CH 172.

1569508278 34 screenshot 2019 09 26 at 16.30.45


Fever is back for a second season! Zoom in on the Mvula family and the lengths they will go, to uphold and protect their family legacy. Lock in for a potent potion of secrets, love, revenge and lust, Tuesday’s at 21:00 on DStv CH 172.

1569578605 34 1zed tiwine s1 e2 highlight stolenhusband


Be uplifted with the courage of #Tiwine. This young woman’s journey of total emancipation ushers in heartwarming television to your screens every Wednesday at 20:00 on DStv CH 172.

1569509828 34 screenshot 2019 09 26 at 16.42.59


It’s time for a little pre-weekend mischief! #Spoiler bursts onto your screens with some wicked humor in this epic first season every Thursday at 20:00 on DSTv CH 172. It ain’t safe!

1568794627 34 screenshot 2019 09 18 at 10.16.10

Join in the hilarious antics of the world’s most disorganized and dysfunctional safety and security crew!  Crookedness, misdirection and short tempers keep the premiere season of this comedy series endlessly fresh and entertaining! #SecurityGuard is on every Thursday at 20:30 on DStv CH 172.

Pick your flavour and make a date to join us in this Spring fiesta! These freshly minted shows are available for you on DStv CH 172 or on GoTV CH 8.
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