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Request for Content Proposal: FAQs – OneZed

05 August 2022
Here are the FAQs and core messages you may need to know for your submission.
OneZed Call for Submission

Core Messages:

  • MultiChoice remains committed to delivering the best video entertainment experience in Malawi by telling the best local and international stories.
  • Through the MultiChoice Expansion Program, MultiChoice will be calling for content proposals for a truly local 13-episode series
  • The MultiChoice Expansion Program is a collaborative project between MultiChoice, local television channels, filmmakers and industry bodies in various African territories and MultiChoice Talent Factory, the MultiChoice industry-development and training programme.


How do interested applicants submit their content?

All interested parties must submit their content through the submission portal accessible on


What is the submission deadline?

All submissions must be made by 29 August, 2022.

How long does it take to get feedback after submission has been made?

Shortlisted applicants will receive communication within 60 days of their submission. If they do not receive communication, that indicates their application has been unsuccessful.

How can content creators submit their proposals for consideration?

Content submissions can be made through https://submissions.mnetcorporate.co.za/

Can independent writers submit proposals?

Yes, they can. Provided they affiliate themselves with a registered production company that will produce the show should it get selected for commissioning. The production company can be any production house of the writer’s choosing. It is also the writer’s responsibility to ensure that their idea is protected and they will be credited should the proposal be successful. 

What criteria must be met in order to submit a proposal?

The applicant must fulfil the ‘Submission requirements’ and ‘Other requirements’ as stated in the Request For Proposal which include:

1. Brief synopsis of the concept.

2. Dramatic Question, Premise

3. A statement of intent – why is this series / story important? Why (do you think it) should it be produced?

4. A clear and powerful world of the story.

5. Character biographies for the main characters including their traits, goals, needs and flaws as well an indication of relationships.

6. Certificate of Incorporation

7. Updated Trading License

8. Vat Registration Certificate (if VAT registered)

9. Memorandum and Articles of Association

Submissions will be automatically disqualified if:

  1. All the required content proposal documents are not submitted.
  2. The producer’s production company isn’t registered and or doesn’t have the legal documents required to prove the registration of the company.
  3. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  4. All proposals need to be strictly submitted to the OneZed submission portal and not to personal emails.