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An amazing evening with Ubuntu’s Chichi Daisy

28 October 2022
Fans had a chance to hang out with Chichi Daisy and ask her questions about her work and much more!

Zambezi Magic faithful turned up in numbers to watch our exclusive Facebook Live Chat with the one and only Queen Thandiwena a couple of weeks ago – and our audience spanned the lengths and breadths of our beautiful continent; we’re talking Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania and even Congo!

The glowing Chichi was ever-so-gracious and conversed about everything under the sun, including her life, career, her diet, as well as her fitness regime.

Here’s what we picked up from this fun conversation with the multi-talented star on our official Facebook page.

What does Chichi Daisy do?

I am a radio host, entrepreneur, voice actor, and have been an actress on Zambezi Magic for the last five or six years.

How do I get become a great actor like you?

Go to school, but make sure you truly want to get into acting. Attend auditions and don’t give up on them. Make sure you follow people who are in the industry like Frank Sibbuku and Oas Ray Mwape. Following your favourite writers and producers on social media also puts you at an advantage as you will see when they post any openings or auditions.

How do you balance work and life?

I’m always intentional about everything I do, so I would say you need to be disciplined. It’s not easy, but I always find a way to make it work.

How do you get ready for your role as Queen Thandiwena?

Before a performance as Queen Thandiwena, I find that the character bible is a very important tool. It helps me understand all I need to about Thandiwena, as well as what she will be faced with that season. I also must understand the content and context of each scene, to be able to work with everyone who is involved on set. Before getting on set, I take some time to get in character by listening to some music.

What do Chichi and Thandiwena have in common?

Chichi and Thandiwena have one word in common: Intentionality.

What does Ubuntu mean?

Ubuntu means togetherness and humanity. That’s why you will hear many languages like Tonga, Chinyanja and English. In case you don’t understand one of the beautiful languages spoken in the series, you can switch on your subtitles. Make sure you set your TV to accommodate subtitles by following these three ease steps here.

In another Facebook live chat, Chichi’s show colleagues Tim Chirwa (Chisango) and Beatrice Banda (Pimpa) did not disappoint with their vibrant conversation where they chatted and laughed away with the fans.

Watch Ubuntu every Monday to Wednesday at 21:30hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.