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Shi Mumbi

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Change is coming – Shi Mumbi

21 January 2021
Rex has played at Belinda and Rosemary’s heartstrings for two whole seasons, but now the ladies are woke and ready to rule the roost!
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Back where he's supposed to be

Having successfully managed to scare Greg away, Rex finally made it back into Belinda's good graces. But this time there were several hoops to jump through. Starting with a K2500 monthly rent bill that Belinda fully expected him to foot. Like us, did you cheer Belinda on for finally taking control, and not letting Rex treat her like a pawn?

War of words

Belinda wasn’t done yet. She took the liberty of ‘retrieving’ Rosemary’s contact details from Rex’s phone, and once she had connected with her nemesis, proceeded to engage her in one of #ZambeziMagic’s most epic phone battles.

Belinda who was hurt that she could not be with her 'baby' Rex full time, spewed venom at the stunned and clueless Rosemary, bringing her ill-prepared competition to tears.


Disturbing the balance

Needless to say, Rex was not pleased about this disruption in the delicate wife/girlfriend balance he had created. And while he and Belinda quarrelled over her taking numbers from his phone and calling his wife; Rosemary on the home front, fought to keep her pride in what was now undeniably, their sham of a marriage.

Business blues

It was back to business in the last few episodes of #ZMShiMumbi Season 2. (After all, Rex has to work hard to afford two sets of expenses right?). Rex’s latest get-money-quick scheme had him spinning an incredible yarn about the ‘extremely valuable' Green Tourmaline to con unsuspecting customers.

It all backfired when angry customers rallied together to confront him over the con.

Trick or treat?

Not satisfied that Rex is always leaving her house at 20:00hrs, Belinda played a trick on him by covertly putting make-up on his face. When he got home, not only did he almost give his long-suffering wife a heart attack, but Rosemary finally stood up to him in a way that showed that she isn’t going to be his doormat any longer.

So has Rosemary overplayed her hand? Are we about to see a new side of Rosemary? You’ll have to wait until #ZMShiMumbi Season 3 to find out…