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All the ways Rex has tried to get love back – Shi Mumbi

01 December 2020
He had her, then he lost her – and now Rex is spending nearly every waking moment of his life trying to get the love of his life back.

Rex’s attempts to get another shot at love with Belinda have given us some unforgettable (and super funny) moments. We’ve laughed, sucked our teeth and even wagged our fingers at him as he has continued to blindly pursue the woman of his dreams, despite her refusing to budge.

It was all good only a time ago; the two were happily in love until Rex stepped out with Rosemary, got her pregnant and was forced to marry her. After that royal mess up, Belinda packed her bags and hit the highway, leaving Rex heartbroken. Here are some memorable moments where Rex has made himself a fool for love – and made us laugh ’til we cried in the process.

When Rex slept outside Belinda’s door

Remember that one-time Rex carried a whole entire blanket to Belinda’s doorstep, laid it out and settled in for some sleep? When lover-boy finally woke up in the morning, he was stunned to find out Belinda had jumped over him as he slept and had left to run errands. Instead of being angry at his dearest Belinda, Rex insisted on taking it out on an innocent neighbour who had witnessed the scene unfold. “Why didn’t you wake me up? You should learn to be a responsible citizen. What kind of manners are those? It’s bad luck to be jumped over. What if I stop growing?” he asked the bewildered lady, who had been minding her business all along, but had obviously found herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

When he fought Belinda’s new man

Greg wasn’t expecting a street fight, but Rex was ready to give him one, by any means necessary. We couldn’t help but laugh when Rex accosted Belinda’s new man Greg outside Belinda’s house and tried to get him to exchange fists in full view of the neighbours. Greg looked positively confused by the whole thing and excused himself, but not before a dramatic Rex exclaimed Greg had punched him (which he obviously hadn’t). Rex milked it for all it was worth, despite chuckling neighbours who witnessed the whole thing insisting Greg had not thrown a single punch.  What are we going to do with you, Rex? ?

When he sent Greg a not-so-scary warning

We already know Rex will do anything to get Belinda back, so him paying a neighbour to scribble a warning on Greg’s car (which Rex insists is a company vehicle by the way ?) didn’t surprise us in the least. Unfortunately, his little plan didn’t work; the warning shot didn’t scare Greg away, nor did it increase he and Belinda’s chances of reconciliation. Ouch!

Every time he knocks and gets no answer

The word “dignity” does not seem to exist in Rex’s vocabulary. Why else would our fave be perfectly okay with knocking on Belinda’s door for upwards of 30 minutes at a time without receiving an answer – and insisting, until Belinda finally cracks open a window (and not the door) to talk to him? ? Are Rex’s knuckles not injured from all that knocking? Rest, Rex, Rest!

When he spied on the lovebirds

Rex took things up a notch when he tagged along to Belinda and Greg’s date, without them knowing. Rex hid behind bushes, scaled walls and almost got run over while crisscrossing between cars, spying on the couple as they ate ice cream and enjoyed each other’s company. The sight of Belinda eating ice cream with another man hurt Rex so much he insisted (to himself) that Greg didn’t know what he was doing because Belinda doesn’t even like ice cream and prefers booze instead. ?

"Stay away from my woman!"

You can say anything you want about Rex, but you can’t say that man is not determined. Will his commitment to getting Belinda back in his arms work out for him in the end? Only time will tell! Until then, we will be watching and laughing at all of the shenanigans.

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