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This is the cast of Zambezi Magic comedy Seetha!

14 November 2022
Here is the fantastically hilarious cast of Zambezi Magic’s newest comedy.
Seetha S1

Seetha and everyone in her world have been keeping our Friday nights full of laughter right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.

Love-struck and obsessive Seetha has been chasing after love from Bishop, but there are many obstacles! Firstly, Bishop’s just not that into her. She has been unable to come to terms with the fact that a guy can fall for her friend and completely ignore her own beauty. All of this is happening while Seetha’s mother battles to set her up with the most suitable bachelor, but many factors are not allowing this set-up to take off successfully.

To understand why Seetha desperately wants to be in a relationship, here are the people in her life.

Mrs. Banagee

Mrs. Banagee is a traditionalist Indian woman who believes respect only comes to a woman once married. She will use any means possible for her daughter to bring pride to her home by marrying an Indian man. She is loud, in charge of her home, and she looks down on her couch-potato husband.

Mr. Banagee

Mr. Banagee is a man of few words. He is witty, protective, and doesn’t care about his daughter’s marital status. He keeps himself entertained by watching his wife’s shenanigans and has somehow survived being reminded of how lazy he is by his wife.


Seetha is a spoilt brat full of herself and only herself. She believes her beauty can captivate anyone, and she is challenged when Bishop completely ignores her beauty. Seetha is on a mission to prove to no one else but herself that she is irresistible and can make any man fall for her. She has made a bet with herself that Bishop will one day marry her and prove her point that she is the ONE.


Unmesh is a guy madly in love with a woman who is not interested in him – Seetha. He and Seetha’s mother are on a daily mission to arrange he and his beloved Seetha’s marriage. He is a bit of a dimwit but is wealthy courtesy of his family inheritance.


Bishop is a corporate type in his late 30s whose life is a daily nightmare because of a woman he has absolutely no feelings for. Seetha obsesses over him so much that he misses her absence in his life when she is not around. He tries every single day to go without Seetha, but she messes up everything he tries to achieve; like getting his business to work or building genuine relationships with other potential partners.

Uncle Bonny

Uncle Bonny is Bishop’s mother’s younger brother who came for a business trip to the city to bunk with Bishop for just three days but has ended up staying for ten years. Uncle Bonny is in the middle of the Bishop/Seetha affair and sometimes takes advantage of the situation to make a quick buck and stay longer. He left a wife and four kids in the village, but has hope that Seetha can introduce him to one of her wealthy Indian girlfriends so he can live off her wealth.

Mrs. Ngandwe

Mrs. Ngandwe is Bishop’s mother. She is a traditionalist who bullies her husband and wants nothing but grandchildren from her only son. She does everything possible to ensure he marries a nice village girl in the soonest possible time. Mrs. Ngandwe is in her mid-60s, and she is a women’s activist of some sort, leading women’s movements in the village.

Mr. Ngandwe

Bishop’s father loves money and pretends to be in charge of his marriage and house. He is a former politician who still thinks he is at the level he was when he was still involved in politics. He is under a “petticoat government” but does not believe so. Mr. Ngandwe loves his beer and money, and claims that in his heyday he was a boxer, even though he didn’t win a single fight.


Bwembya is Seetha’s best friend and confidante. She is bullied by Seetha but loves her friendship too much to leave it. She feels sorry for her and her obsession to marry Bishop. She is chubby, cute, bubbly, and soft-spoken.


Mambwe is Bishop’s ex-girlfriend and neighbour in her late 20s. She is very beautiful, funny and caring. She and Bishop had a childhood relationship, and she still thinks there is a place for her in Bishop’s heart.


Thandiwe is Mrs. Banagee’s maid who is always late for work. She oversees the Asian community gossip and has a network of colleagues working in the community. She is basically the human resource officer of the maids.  

Now that you know all about the cast of Seetha, let us know which character is your favourite on the Zambezi Magic official social media pages.

Don’t miss the comedy in Seetha every Friday at 21:30hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.