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Pali Ba Lui


Pali Ba Lui comes to Zambezi Magic

25 October 2023
Pali Ba Lui shows the interpersonal relationships and power struggles of the workers at Mr Lui’s joint where they never run out of stories.
Pali Ba Lui

There's a brand new Situational-Comedy called Pali Ba Lui coming to Zambezi Magic's primetime slot. Premiering Friday 6 October at 21:30, Pali Ba Lui offers something exciting for viewers, combining comedy, drama, and a captivating storyline to keep viewers on the edge of their seats!

The show follows Mr. Lui, a curious, overbearing creative who is socially inept, yet a determined individual with an unquenchable drive for success. After years of owning a Katemba (Kiosk) restaurant, with the help of his wife, Mr Lui (Mumba “Chingliz” Hubert) achieves his long-awaited dream of opening a peri-urban restaurant.

He is forced to bring along his highly dysfunctional, and at times, incompetent workers as they are the only ones who can tolerate his autocratic leadership style. Despite his flaws, Mr. Lui will stop at nothing to make his newly opened restaurant a success.

There's never a dull moment in Pali Ba Lui as the characters navigate the pitfalls of their lives with humour and heart in Mr. Lui's restaurant, home to local celebrities and everyday people alike. The show features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and quirks. From the dependable yet unemployable Dalitso (Malumbe “Juss” Musowe) to Mr. Lui’s only competent worker Marianne (Blessings Namwiinga), each character brings something to the table.

Among the other cast members are Davies Buumba, who plays Chaboota, Agness Manda, who plays Moono and Dora Mwape, who plays Precious, who feels threatened by Marianne's presence, Kayumba “Smoke” Simuhenze as Mabvuto, Dalitso's best friend who is always hanging around the restaurant trying to pawn off something, and Chansa Gabbi Lamba as the very confident Mrs. Lui who despite her family's advice, always believed in her husband regardless of all the failed businesses.


"Pali Ba Lui” is an exciting show that promises to entertain Zambezi Magic viewers. This is the story of an ambitious man in search of success despite the odds – which sometimes includes himself. It's a heartfelt story that will leave you entertained, inspired and motivated by its superb cast," says Zambezi Magic channel head, Mosibudi Pheeha.


Tune into season 1 of Pali Ba Lui, premiering Friday 6 October at 21:30 on Zambezi Magic (DStv channel 162) and then every Friday thereafter.