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All for one and one for all on Nseke

07 May 2020
A closer look at one of Zambezi Magic's best loved short series
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#ZMNseke focused the lens on the vulnerability of young girls in our communities as depicted by three girls facing terrifying individual battles. The drama series also emphasized the value of unity and hope in the plight to overcome a dangerous enemy.

The friendships between Mwenzi, Mona Lisa and Wathu were continuously tested as they got caught up in a multitude of challenges and hardships whilst living in Wangu Village.

Rumors of a curse on Wathu’s bloodline was common knowledge in Wangu Village. It was said that the first man to ‘know’ Wathu intimately would die, hence the intense opposition to her relationship with George by his mother. Wathu’s mother began to look for a way to get the curse on her daughter lifted. A curse that was caused by her own past mistakes.

Mwenzi had to harness her incredible inner strength to stave off a predator - Moses - and his attempts to prey on Lulu and herself.

Mona Lisa on the other hand was head-over-heels for her newly found beau – Mr Mainza and was equally caught off guard when Mr Mainza's wife showed up to confront her about becoming engaged to a married man! We witness a shaken Mona Lisa go into preterm labor, foreshadowing the battles that were to ensue between her and Mr Mainza. The season ends off with Wathu’s plan to salvage a future with George but ends in an epic fail which sees her trying  to commit suicide but is instead saved by an undesirable stranger (Lovemore) who takes her as a prisoner.

Despite Wathu being presumed dead by her friends and family, Mwenzi just can’t shake the feeling that Lovemore could be hiding something. With some unlikely help, Mwenzi and Mona Lisa embark on a quest to look for their friend Wathu. A daring, edge-of-your-seat rescue ensues and, a dangerous enemy is defeated.

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