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My Kitchen Party


The Perfect Kitchen Party – My Kitchen Party

28 July 2021
What elements make up the perfect day?
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People usually see the stunning pictures of the wedding and assume that everything went perfectly, but before the perfect wedding dress, the exchanging of vows  and the happily ever after, there’s a Kitchen Party! 

#ZMMyKitchenParty (Thursdays at 21:00hrs) takes us on the journey of this important day for the bride-to-be. We listen to stories of how the couples met and get to know them a little bit better, as they share this day with us. 

Here’s a look at some of the things that make up the perfect Kitchen Party. 

The Dress/Outfits 

This is very important because how you look is what people will remember and you don’t want to look back at your pictures and regret. One of the beautiful brides that was featured on the show recently, even changed her dress twice. That’s how you do it! 


The Glam 

Hair and makeup are at the top of every bride-to-be’s list. We know people have said we are not our hair, but your hairstyle has the ability to change your whole look. Makeup is a given, and the only decision that has to be made is if it will be High Definition makeup which is great for on-screen ?or a natural, minimal look. 

The decor/catering 

There’s so much that hangs on this aspect, because the theme of the whole Kitchen Party is translated through the decor. The stressful part about this is that the bride has to outsource it and the worst thing that can happen, is the decor being late or not arriving at all. That goes hand in hand with the food. You want to make sure that all the guests are eating and that they are happy.

The Entertainment 

The Kitchen Party itself is entertaining, but there are certain memorable activities that take place, like the unveiling of the bride. There is definitely a lot of dancing involved. On a recent episode, one of the brides even booked out a band for her Kitchen Party.