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My Kitchen Party


My Kitchen Party: Up close with Iku

07 June 2017
Courageous, open-minded and friendly are just a few ways to describe the MKP host!

With just a few days to go till the premiere of My Kitchen Party, we decided to get up close and personal with the host of the show, Iku!

The bubbly presenter shared the most memorable moments on set, what goes into pulling off a great kitchen party and how she'd describe her larger than life personality in just three words! Take a look at the chat below and don't forget to catch My Kitchen Party every Thursday at 20:00 on Zambezi Magic

For those who’ve never heard of a kitchen party, how would you describe it?
A kitchen party is a traditional version of the commonly known "Bridal Shower" although  it's a little more detailed and precise about teaching a lady almost everything necessary for her to enter into her new home and marriage. It tackles almost every aspect you can find in a home or a marriage that is expected of a woman from cleanliness, responsibility, respect, sex, love etc. just to mention a few. In addition, the lucky lady also receives presents or items that will help her start her home.

What do you think makes for a great kitchen party?

A great kitchen party is one which achieves everything its intended for. For example: if all necessary items found in the kitchen are bought or given by people, the families from both the bride and groom are supportive and happy about the union, the lady is ready to start her home via her teachings and attitude towards marriage and if everything is well organised and outlined in an orderly manner.

If you could pick one episode for viewers to look out for on My Kitchen Party, which one would it be?

It is very hard to pick an episode to watch particularly because each and every episode has a unique story and a different teaching to it.

What did you take away  or learn from the kitchen parties you attended?

From the kitchen parties I attended, I learnt that each one of them had their own way of doing things based on up-bring, christian & traditional backgrounds and  general respect. However they all had the one shared moment where the woman sat down with older females who lectured and advised her on how best to navigate the intricacies of married life.

What was the most memorable moment for you working on the show?

The opportunity to meet a lot of people from all aspects of life and being a part of their lives and stories. It is humbling to see family and love take over an event or help build something everlasting. I will definitely miss the travelling around because I got to visit and experience new areas across the country.

Finally, the production team was heavenly and being a part of a group of people filled with so much passion and talent is a miracle for me and you can't put a price on that.

And lastly, describe Iku in just three words!

Courageous, Open-minded and Friendly!

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