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My Kitchen Party


My Kitchen Party: Review of Martha's Double Event!

29 August 2017
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On the last #ZMMKP we spoke to 24 year old Martha who has lived a life destined for love and companionship. Since the tender age of 14, she felt something a little more special for this man. It has been said it is the little special things that count and their proposal was simple but very special to the blushing bride.

Her inlaws took a front seat in the preparations for this Kitchen Party and Martha’s choice was to let them have their way. She had three committees for her event with a preference for monetary gifts as they are expecting a bundle of joy soon! During the unveiling ceremony, it was clear to see the deep connection shared by this couple. Mum-to-be was emotional and her groom ever-vigilant, over her in her delicate condition amidst the rigours of the event. 

The twist to this unique event was the fact that she was informed a few days before the Kitchen party that she would be having her actual wedding day: On the same day! She seemed a little thrown off, her wedding gown caused some ripples but all in all, Martha and her husband had a beautiful day and remained up-beat through it! Catch #ZMMKP every Thursday, 20:00 only on Zambezi Magic!

Here is what you, the audience had to say!

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