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My Family Wahala


15 crazy things we witnessed on My Family Wahala

16 December 2022
Here is how Mutembo and his family kept us entertained this season!
My Family Wahala

My Family Wahala was a remarkable reminder of how love and marriage can terribly go wrong if a household is ran by a man like Mutembo Kaleza. We laughed our way through the season, every Friday at 19:30hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5. It was wahala everywhere!

Here are 15 crazy things that happened in the Kaleza household:

  1. Two of Mutembo’s long-lost sons randomly showed up on his doorstep one day, much to the surprise of his wife Kenya. She never knew that the man she had been married to for so many years had other children outside their union.
  2. Mutembo and Eva, one of his son’s mothers, decided to get back together – and this left Kenya in an awkward predicament.
  3. Kenya took off on a journey to find a replacement husband, to rid herself of the embarrassment her husband put her through. She had lots of help from her dearest work colleagues, and her mother also tried to play cupid.  
  4. Suzika had to get used to having new siblings in the house when DJ and Tutu arrived. This included protecting her friend from DJ’s advances and making sure she was still the favourite child.
  5. At some point, Mutembo was kicked out of the house because of his infidelity.
  6. Archibald the “high class” cleaner was the master instigator when it came to commotion in the house.
  7. The Kaleza senior couple showed up to Kaleza junior’s household after they suddenly became homeless, only to arrive to a concoction of more family drama. Kenya and Mutembo worked hard to cover up the fact that they were experiencing marital problems, but the new kids could not be hidden.
  8. DJ and his friend tried out several new business ideas which all went wrong. They made an “example drink” which Tutu drank and collapsed from. They also decided to grow illegal drugs which Dr Lozi discovered, and they were busted before they could make a profit.
  9. When DJ was failing at school, Eva pointed fingers at Kenya for not being an active and present mother in his life, even though Eva never really approved of Kenya as a mother figure in her son’s life.
  10. Kenya allowed Suzika to bring her boyfriend home to visit but this plan never sat well with Mutembo who could not stand the mannerless young man.
  11. DJ ‘borrowed’ Kenya’s bank card while she was away on a romantic date. It took a lot of questioning and searching until Archibald found it in DJ’s wallet. DJ’s shenanigans never came to an end!
  12. Mutembo was confused the whole time because he couldn’t stand the idea of Kenya moving on, but she also wanted to be with Eva. He struggled with paying attention at work and decided to leave everything to Kenya, according to his will.
  13. We had a fair share of accidents and scares! Grandpa Kaleza fainted and sent everyone into a panic. Kenya and her colleague were held at gun point in the office and Mutembo came to the rescue.
  14. In an unexpected turn of events, Tutu’s mother returned to the Kaleza household to take her son back home.
  15. Mutembo and Eva’s relationship fell apart because of money and Kenya’s friend woke up in the same bed as Mutembo! Poor Kenya. At least she had been making plans to move on with Dr Lozi.

This season was one for the books and we can only imagine how a next season could unfold. Could Mutembo end up with multiple wives and one big happy family, or will all the women leave him penniless, now that he gave Kenya his inheritance?

Until then, stay tuned into more entertaining comedy shows, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.