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The drama heats up on Zuba and Mpali in a week of suspenseful moments ahead

13 February 2023
From respite to battles, here’s what to expect on Zuba and Mpali between 13–17 February.
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Delve into a world filled with tension, uncertainty, and moments of reflection this week on Zuba and Mpali. While some characters are faced with difficult choices, others find peace amidst the chaos this Valentine’s week.

Whether it’s Valerie’s determination to work at SFH or Kaz fighting to keep custody of Chikondi, the characters are grappling with unique battles. Read below for what you can look forward to this week on both telenovelas on OneZed (DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8).

Lute and Mainza take a break from the stress of their lives and let loose, while Niko and Katema reminisce about the past. Valerie makes a bold decision to take over Kaz’s position at SFH. Meanwhile, Kaz is determined to keep custody of Chikondi and will do whatever it takes, even if it means getting a little dirty.

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Mwanida is a witness to an event that could potentially ruin her marriage, and Nguzu feels guilty for having Jairos arrested. There’s a twist when Nguzu receives an alarming message about his daughter’s safety and sets off to rescue her from Frank, only to realise that the abductor is one step ahead.

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