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Hambe’s lies come back to bite him – Mpali

01 March 2021
Hambe’s lies finally catch up with him and this time, there’s no escape.
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It all started when Hambe decided to channel his inner Nguzu and entertain Chola while completely forgetting about Chichi. As far as he was concerned, his actions would have no serious repercussions. Oh, but little did he know!

A secret no more!

At first, Hambe was convinced that Chola would remain behind the curtain and never really make it to centre stage because he knew exactly what he wanted, and she wasn’t it. Things quickly changed, however, when Chola and her mother made an unexpected appearance at the farm bearing news; she was pregnant and Hambe was the father.

The revelation and the repercussions

Because news (especially the bad) travels faster than a village field fire, Chichi quickly became aware of her bae’s new circumstances and to say this didn’t sit well with her would be an understatement. This was made especially difficult to digest by the expectant mother who saw it fit to “harass” Chichi and remind her that she was now the new future Mrs Nguzu junior, and there was nothing she could do about it.

In retaliation, Chichi decided to end her relationship with Hambe and tried to mend what was left of her heart. She knew better than anyone that the Nguzus would never drive Chola away, and her place in Hambe’s life was now occupied by another. Pretty sad really!

One more chance

Things did take a rather light turn, however, when Hambe confessed his sins and let Chichi know that despite everything that had happened, his heart still belonged to her. This made for a grand reunion and again, Chola was left out in the cold.

After being kicked out of the farm, Hambe found solace under Chichi’s roof and their relationship got better. So much better that when Chichi rang the matrimonial bell, Hambe answered and went on one knee. Romantic right? Not!

Pick your battle

As things stand, the baby has been born, Chola is back on the farm, and has absolutely no idea that Hambe and Chichi are engaged. Basically, her return was met with a slaughtered goat and high-spirited festivities; a reason for which she is yet to learn.

On the other hand, Nguzu is angry that Hambe would make such a decision. Marry one, and father another’s child? Completely absurd in his books! This while Mai Guru is being blamed for all of Hambe’s shortcoming and lack of judgement. This young man’s lies are finally catching up with him and only time will tell what happens next.

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