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A fight beyond the ring – Makofi

21 January 2021
Anna chooses a harder path than most, and must withstand a few hard knocks on the road to realising her dreams.
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Zambezi Magic is proud and excited to present #ZMMakofi, a brand new show that will premiere on 1 February 2021 on DStv CH 162.

Makofi tells Anna’s story of traveling down the path of most resistance to follow her dream of becoming a champion boxer. David, Anna’s father is wholly opposed to his daughter’s desire to become a boxer, while her mother is very supportive. She encourages Anna to chase her dream while trying fruitlessly to keep David in the dark.

A chip off the old the block

After Anna makes a great impression at the trials, David realises that there is little he can do to stop his daughter from pursuing a life in the ring. As a former boxer himself, he cannot deny her her passion, nor the fact that Anna truly has ‘the gift’.


But the fight doesn’t end after leaving the ring. After David accepts Anna’s passion for boxing, he is inspired to do more to ensure her success. This means protecting her in every way possible - making sure she joins the right stable, trains under the best instructors, and faces worthy competition.

Makofi gym

The ring has a hypnotic pull on some men…and women. In the blink of an eye, plans are laid and progress fast towards David’s big comeback bout. Izukanji, an old friend and Makofi gym owner, finds himself terribly concerned about David’s return to international fighting. But the pull of the ring is too strong and David chooses to come out of retirement.

This fight proves to be a turning point for Makofi gym, bringing on a domino effect that ultimately results in a death, and Makofi’s sale and impending closure.  

The rise of Anna

Anna then takes on the mammoth task of rebuilding and running Makofi gym. It won’t be easy, and her nay-sayers wait in the wings to laugh at her probable failure and demise.

Can she rise above the pressure, and the fierce enemies, of the world she fell in love with? Is her passion enough to sustain her?

The fight to keep a dream alive is presented on #ZMMakofi, starting 1 February 2021 at 19:30hrs, exclusively on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162.