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Anna takes her gloves off – Makofi

23 March 2021
Experience Anna in the real world.
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Who would Chimwemwe Zulu be if she wasn’t an actress? She would be doing music, painting, farming, makeup, hair styling and writing. She really encapsulates the term multi-talented! We asked her some questions and here’s what she had to say: 

How do you separate the two worlds between your on-screen life and your off-screen life?

By change of wardrobe, listening to my off-set music and basically taking time alone to meditate to get in and out of character.

If you were the scriptwriter for the show, what would be next for your character?

Certainly not marriage, but a journey to becoming an international boxing champion like Clarisse Shields.

What do you think makes up good storytelling?

The creativity behind the story. A good story must have mystery, drama, day to day challenges, solutions, love, dreams and aspirations. A good story should be a story people can relate to, about people. It must inspire, convince, motivate and challenge people.

What advice would you give to your future self?

Remember where you came from, remember those who stood by you. The only thing that can limit you is YOU. You can achieve anything you put your mind on.

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Images are sourced from Chimwemwe Zulu’s Instagram.