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Anna’s always angry – Makofi

09 April 2021
Anna is always ready for a fight.
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Anna has always been quick to anger and we thought boxing would help her manage her anger better, but it seems we were wrong. If anything, Anna seems to get more upset these days, but one might argue that she’s justified. 

Life hasn’t been easy for Anna and the passing of her dad has contributed a lot to her current emotional state. All Anna wants to do is focus on boxing but it seems that she has allowed herself to get distracted by other things or perhaps, other people.


These are some of the things that will upset Anna in the coming week:

•          Trudy goes to the Olympics and she does not

•          She finds Gezile in Bosco’s house 

•          She suspects Bosco is lying about the nature of his friendship with Gezile 

•          She gets into an argument with Kalumba

•          She gets angry during a TV interview at the Makofi gym

•          She confronts Joe and tells him he has no regard for her father’s legacy

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