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Land Lady Meets Landlord


Zambezi Magic: Welcome The Weekend 28th – 30th September

27 September 2018
Thursday usually signifies the beginning of the weekend, so check out all the goodies that lie ahead of you
wtw 28 sept

Another weekend lies ahead of us, and with that comes a time to relax and chill; surrounded by friends and family. So what better time to unlock your viewing power on TV and kick back with some stellar shows.

To heighten your viewing experiences, check out some of your line up below:


Friday at 19:30hrs: Mwine Mushi

1538034899 34 screen shot 2018 09 27 at 09.24.01

Exerting his rule over his people, Mwine Mushi clears the air on some prevailing rumours making the rounds about him.


Friday at 20hrs: Landlady Meets Landlord

1538034982 34 screen shot 2018 09 27 at 09.25.21

Mwila and Agnes discuss the new tyrant in their house that is Ba Tembo.


Friday at 20:30hrs: Spoiler

1538035052 34 screen shot 2018 09 27 at 09.27.20

Is the diminutive mischief maker having bouts of jealousy? You’ve gotta tune in to find out.


Friday at 21hrs: Zed Top 10

1538035133 34 screen shot 2018 09 27 at 09.30.27

Shadaya Zaher will be in the hot seat answering all the questions K’chinga can throw at her.


Saturday at 19:30hrs: My Father And I

1538035210 34 screen shot 2018 09 27 at 09.31.08

Vatice Mushauko shares with us his growing experiences and influences.


Sunday at 18hrs: My Kitchen Party

1538035278 34 screen shot 2018 09 27 at 09.32.24

On this episode, a new bride Janipher Lubumbe will be sharing her love journey with us.


So, as you would be relaxing with family and friends, make sure you have enough popcorn because this weekend is going to get LITTY on you TV.

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