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Land Lady Meets Landlord


Zambezi Magic: A September To Remember

05 September 2018
September ushers in spring time so check out all the fresh content we have lined up for you.
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The month of September ushers in Spring time. A time of fresh ideas and new growth and as such, Zambezi Magic is bringing to you loads of fresh content to enhance your TV watching experience and keep you glued to your seats. Just remember to get up during the ad breaks to stretch your legs for a bit; because it is going to be a roller coaster ride from here on. But before we get carried away, let’s check out what’s in store for you in the coming weeks:

Sept 1: My Father And I

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A celebration of the father figures in our lives who have helped shaped us into the grown-ups we have become. Premiering on September 1, this show will have you showing some new respect to all the fathers out there doing the most to raise their children and every other young mind they influence.


Sept 3: Tiwine

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A show depicting the trials of underage marriages and how a young girl managed to overcome these challenges to create a future for herself.


Sept 3: Ma Mokos

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A story about Dumbwi and his new buddy Tea-spoon who must learn to survive on the streets by relying on their cunning ways. Will their dreams of wealth bring them closer as friends, or split them up?


Sept 4: Collision S2

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Hot on the heels of season 1, Collision is the story of George and his crooked dealings. The one person he can rely on is his wife Miriam, but it seems she is fed up with his dalliances with everything in a skirt. How will his story play out? You’ve gotta watch it to find out.


Sept 7: Mwine Mushi

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We follow the story of this traditional leader and his right hand man, who also doubles as his security detail and driver. Get ready to laugh till your sides hurt as this ruler has no stop button for his mouth.


Sept 7: Landlady Meets Landlord

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There can only be one captain on a ship, but when madam Lizzy and Ba Tembo have to live in the same house and rule over the same tenants, all hell breaks loose. Who will gain the upper hand in this power struggle?


Sept. 7: Zed Top 10

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Making its long-awaited return to your TV screens is the number 1 music show in Zambia. New look show, new angles and our host-with-the-most K’chinga also has a new name; Mr 260.


These shows join our pre-existing line up which contains shows like; Spoiler, MKPZambia, WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown and City On Fire.

Here’s to enjoying all the brand-new shows making their debut on your screens, and the continuation of some of our other favorite shows already airing. Who says you can have one favorite show, when you can make all these shows your favorite? All we have to say to you is this; happy viewing and don’t forget to turn off the stove, get the popcorn ready and gather all your friends and family around the TV.


Stay tuned for all the new and returning shows on Zambezi Magic. Join the conversation on social media using the official hashtag #ZambeziMagic.