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Land Lady Meets Landlord


Welcome The Weekend 16th Nov – 18th Nov – Zambezi Magic

15 November 2018
Another weekend looms on the horizon, but with that brings some interesting shows for your viewing pleasure
wtw 16th nov

It is already midweek, which means that the weekend is just a few sleeps away. Yes, we can hear the excitement in your voice and see the little shuffle of your feet as you resist the urge to break out into song and dance; but one thing we can assure you though; is that by the time you see what’s in store for you, it will be dancing time.


Friday at 19:30hrs: Mwine Mushi

1542276426 34 zm mwinemushi 20180907 ep1 x264

Another day in the compound of the great leader and as usual, more drama to follow.


Friday at 20hrs: Zuba

1542276773 34 zuba ep 8

Bringing you the last episode of the week, Zambia's first telenovela promises suspence and cliff hangers all the way.


Friday at 21hrs: Spoiler

1542275841 34 screenshot 2018 11 14 at 13.30.53

New scheme loading as the diminutive mischief maker takes to the streets


Friday at 20:30hrs: Landlady Meets Landlord

1542275949 34 screenshot 2018 11 14 at 14.36.07

Ba Tembo is unrelenting in his antics and as usual; he is up to no good


Friday at 21:30: Zed Top 10

1542276051 34 screenshot 2018 11 14 at 13.31.53

Zambia’s ace music show brings you yet another sterling interview with a guest that will entertain you and keep you dancing


Saturday at 19hrs: Zathu

1542276135 34 screenshot 2018 11 14 at 13.40.12

From the red carpet to the skies, Zathu takes you on a roller coaster ride


Saturday at 19:30: My Father and I

1542276212 34 screenshot 2018 11 14 at 13.45.12

This episode will leave you both introspective and rolling on the floor in stitches


Sunday at 18hrs: My Kitchen Party

1542276301 34 screenshot 2018 11 14 at 13.27.02

Yet another love story that will leave you feeling some type of way.


The aim is to serve you some wholistic programming that will keep you entertained for the weekend. So, gather the family and friends around for some TV watching; just make sure not to forget the popcorn and drinks though.

Stay tuned for all the new and returning shows on Zambezi Magic. Join the conversation on social media using the official hashtag #ZambeziMagic.