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Land Lady Meets Landlord


No fairy tale endings in the enthralls of Landlady Meets Landlord

07 May 2020
Season 3 concludes
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This season on Landlady Meets Landlord, Malingose declared that she had lost interest in ‘town’ men, and that she wanted to be independent and fend for herself. True to form, she got herself a gig as a helper in the Thoko house. Lizzy and Tembo however, insisted that she stay with them since they had brought her to Lusaka.

…And that is how the rib-tickling trio of Malingose, Lizzy, and Tembo came to be!

The first order of business was to ascertain if she, Malingose had been properly mourned by her would-be suitors during her absence. Muzo won this duel when he produced evidence of a fashion business ‘Malingo Fashions’ founded in her honor.

Despite the efforts showed, Malingose was not too keen to enter into a love affair just yet and kept Muzo at arm’s length with a host of key checkpoints and timelines in tow. Muzo, who was not to be defeated, enlisted all the help he could to try and win his fair lady’s heart. Together with his roommate Bwalya, who was pursuing Malingose’s friend Thandie, they embarked on some clumsy and corny maneuvers to woo the ladies and hopefully score some kisses too!

Bizarrely, feelings and relationships got all muddled up, especially with Thandie giving Muzo ‘kissing lessons’! Just as Malingose allowed herself to be vulnerable and allow Muzo into her heart as a boyfriend, she and Bwalya walked in on one of these practice sessions. And POOF! Just like that, the magical romance between Malingose and Muzo disappeared!

In other news, Mr Phiri’s suspicions about his wife and the good-looking Mazipula proved to have some substance after all as he hears the full ‘catastrophic nonsense’ in one of her impassioned prayers!

The season ends off with Mr. Mbewe’s announcement of his intention to marry Zelipa, which in theory sound like good news…but NOT to Tembo and Lizzy, who could think of nothing worse than having to call ‘that mad woman’ Mother!

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