Song Choice: Zambian Classics!

08 February 2018
Filling the shoes of legends is not easy and this week our Top 7 honour some of the great Zambian Music giants.
top 7

For the longest time you've been begging our contestants to sing Zambian music and well, there you have it. This week, the Top 7 will take us back some 30 years back and bring back those hits that our parents and grandparents blasted through the speakers on weekends just after lunch.

We know you won't be able to avoid singing along so we thought, why npt let you in on who's singing what and allow you to start remembering those lyrics and of course getting your chitenges ready as this one will definitely get everyone on their feet.

Who will be singing what?

Contestant Song Artist
Abi Mali


Joyce Nyirongo


“Mwana Wamuzako” Mariah Nkhoma
Faithfulness  “Munizonde” Umutende Ensemble

Ian Judah

“Uzaniyondesa” Air Power Band
Nobert Kataya   “Kalebalika” Sakala Brothers
Victoria Kasuba “Nipempako Ma Key” Angela Nyirenda

“Vinabwela Mochedwa”

Paul Ngozi

Will they do it justice to these classics or will they butcher them? We'll have to wait and see.

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