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Big Brother Titans is centred around selected housemates from South Africa and Nigeria who live in one House and play the game for the ultimate prize. 

S6 | E25
28 February 22:00
'S6/E25 of 44'. Biggie knows what they get up to. Don't miss out in any of the actions, as alliances form, friendships a...

Big Brother Titans

13 January 2023
The highly-anticipated premiere of Big Brother Titans takes the drama, competition and excitement of the reality show to a whole new level.
Big Brother Titans News

Hold onto your seats as Big Brother Titans is set to premiere on Sunday, 15 January 2023 at 20:00 on Zambezi Magic (DStv Channel 162) and GOtv Supa Channel 5, as well as on OneZed (DStv Channel 161) and GOtv Channel 8.

Get ready to experience the thrill of the game, unexpected alliances, and Housemates going out of their way to survive another day in Biggie’s House.

In the special edition of the reality show, selected housemates from South Africa and Nigeria will be in one House, playing the game for the ultimate prize. As usual, DStv viewers will vote to keep their favourite housemates on the show. The winner will be announced after 72 days in April, and they’ll walk away with $100 000.

When it comes to hosting the show, BBNaija’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Big Brother Mzansi’s Lawrence Maleka will co-host this debut season. Don’t miss the fun, twists and turns.

“Big Brother Titans is a special edition of the widely loved Big Brother show,” says Executive Head of Programming M-Net Channels, Nomsa Philiso. She adds: “This special edition is a fusion of two TV phenomena, BB Mzansi and BBNaija. We are bringing housemates from two giant nations, South Africa and Nigeria, under one roof, to give entertainment audiences across the continent a show of intense drama like never before. It promises an abundance of South African and Nigerian swag, banter, romance, and everything in between.”

When and where to watch

  • Daily Highlights: Tuesdays – Fridays at 22:00 on Zambezi Magic
  • Weekly Highlights: Saturdays at 22:00 on Zambezi Magic
  • Finale: Sunday, 2  April 2023 at 20:00 on Zambezi Magic and OneZed

Until then, stay tuned to more entertaining shows on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5, and OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8.


The Giants are here

17 January 2023
Big and bold personalities in Biggie’s House. Get to know the 20 Big Brother Titans Housemates.
Hosts of Big Brother Titans, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka

The moment that Africa has been waiting for took place on Sunday, 15 January… Big Brother Titans launched with an exhilarating live show, welcoming viewers to the colourful 20 Housemates, who will be competing for the coveted $100 000.

Co-hosted by Big Brother Naija’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Big Brother Mzansi’s Lawrence Maleka, Big Brother Titans brings together Nigerian and South African Housemates under one roof. From an aspiring actor with a wild side to a bubbly law student, the Housemates are from all walks of life. Over the next 72 days, we’ll get to know their unique personalities as they battle for the title. Stay tuned for the diary sessions, activities, parties, and unexpected twists. Let’s meet the Housemates…

Watch the daily highlights on Tuesdays – Fridays at 22:00, and weekly highlights: Saturdays at 22:00 on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.

Meet the Giants

Name: Blaqboi (26)
Plateau State, Nigeria

About: The content creator and aspiring filmmaker describes himself as level-headed and calm. His charming nature and humour might give him the edge to make it to the finish line.   

Name: Ebubu (28)
Anambra State, Nigeria
About: Ebubu is an actor and model. He is open-minded and curious about the world around him. “I trust myself to think before I behave, so I think I’ll be a good Housemate,” he says.

Name: Ipeleng (24)
: North West, South Africa
About: Ipeleng is a law student, who is quick-witted. She entered Big Brother Titans to explore her creative side. She reveals that she is far from confrontational and she prefers to stay away from drama.

Name: Jaypee (26)
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
About: The nurse and model is the life of the party. Jaypee speaks her mind and she believes that she will win the first Big Brother Titans because she is dedicated and demined.

Name: Jenni O (24)
: Imo State, Nigeria

About: Jenni O is a health and safety specialist. She further describes herself as spontaneous, spicy and a troublemaker. She loves to talk and “I’m the ‘Beyoncé’ of every room I walk into. I feel like I’m a celebrity at all times,” she adds.

Name: Juicy Jay (24)
Hometown: Eastern Cape, South Africa

About: Juicy Jay is a semi-pro rugby player. Apart from enjoying a good party, he loves living on the edge.

Name: Justin (21)
East London, South Africa
About: The photographer is a Big Brother fan and enjoys laughing. The easy-going Justin is an open book and he usually gets along with people. “I’m unique, relatable and fun-loving,” he says.  

Name: Kanaga Jnr (23)
: Abia State, Nigeria

About: Kanaga is a model and aspiring actor. He is athletic, candid and confident. When asked what his biggest flaw is, he explains that he is vain. “I look at myself in the mirror so much,” he says with a laugh. He enjoys listening to Afrobeats and expressing his creative side.

Name: Khosi (25)
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
About: The journalist is talkative and open-minded. She believes that she has what it takes to win the competition because she is adventurous, authentic and relatable.

Name: Lukay (31)
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
About: Lukay is a sales executive, who recently moved back with his parents to get to know them better. He is honest, self-aware and he brings laughter to every room.

Name: Marvin (28)
: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
About: Marvin is a chemical engineer and model. An adventurer at heart, Marvin enjoys travelling. Don’t be deceived by his muscles and smile, Marvin has devised a strategy to win the game.

Name: Mmeli (24)
: Johannesburg, South Africa
About: The content creator and model has no qualms about what others think about him. He likes partying and he is devoted to his bachelor lifestyle.

Name: Nana (22)
: Kaduna State, Nigeria
About: Nana is an entrepreneur. Although she is soft-spoken, Nana doesn't conform to social norms. At first glance, she is timid but it may be a case of still waters run deep.

Name: Nelisa (25)
: Eastern Cape, South Africa
About: Nelisa wears her heart on her sleeve. She intends on avoiding the drama but she warns: “I think I’ll be a good Housemate but the drama is going to follow me.”

Name: Olivia (22)
: Imo State, Nigeria
About: The aspiring actor is bold, daring and fierce. She has auditioned for Big Brother three times, and third time might just be her charm.

Name: Thabang (21)
: Johannesburg, South Africa
About: Thabang is a sports data analyst. He believes that his charm and calm personality will get him closer to the prize.

Name: Tsatsii (24)
Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa
About: The engineering, biotechnology and microbiology student describes herself as an empath. She is grounded and curious about life.

Name: Yaya (30)
: Eastern Cape, South Africa
About: Yaya is a plus-size model with a big personality. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and confident.

Name: Yemi Cregx (30)
: Ekiti State, Nigeria
About: The model and actor is highly competitive and outgoing. He is an all-rounder, who has worked in real estate, advertising and content creation.

Name: Yvonne (28)
: Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
About: Yvonne is a model and content creator. She is fond of cooking and she plans on whipping up meals for the other Housemates.

Stay tuned to more entertaining shows on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.