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What will Muta do? – Amooye

09 April 2021
Things aren’t going as planned for Muta.
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Things have been going pretty terribly for Muta and we all know she has had a difficult time since she lost her baby. Apart from losing her child though, she’s also had to face the truth about Alan’s body being discovered and is struggling to live with the fact that she helped to cover it up. Remember how determined she was to deal with Paul after he discovered the truth? 

Muta’s personal life is not the only area of her life keeping her up at night, however. Here’s all the drama she is dealing with in business and in her love life.

Muta the entrepreneur

Muta is trying to start a business, but she’s met some pretty serious challenges on her road to entrepreneurship. She is convinced that she can get the bar and grill restaurant off of the ground but she first has to convince her potential business partner that she is trustworthy. How do you reassure someone who has already formed their own idea of who you are? We have faith in Muta’s abilities, but she might need a lot of help pulling this one off. 

Muta the lover 

Is that Daniel forsaking all others and going down on one knee? It most certainly is! Muta’s man seems to be promising her a forever where he will always be by her side. Although we are happy for her, it doesn’t seem like this promise will last because by the looks of things, Daniel will be packing his bags soon. Is he leaving Muta after all of that? This probably doesn’t come as much as a surprise because at some point this is the very same man who was plotting her downfall. 

What a sad state of affairs! Will Muta manage to piece her life back together? Only time will tell.

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