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Unmasking Wiza – Amooye

20 April 2021
Here’s everything you need to know about Wiza.
Unmasking Wiza – Amooye

Wiza is more than just Noni’s cousin who helped her cover up a crime – and a few Fridays ago, we caught up with Catherine Mulope, the talented actress behind the character. In our chat, she gave us some insights into how Wiza is wired; but first, who is Catherine?

Catherine has always had a love for TV. She joined drama club in high school and that is how her acting career was born. She is a go-getter who gets things done and makes sure to go after what she wants in life. She does not have a best friend but has many good friends and describes her relationship status as “unmarried, but not single”. Catherine has been in the entertainment industry professionally for three years – and her first big role is her current one; playing Wiza on Amooye. 

Who is Wiza? 

Wiza is the mother of a beautiful girl and she can differentiate between her home and work with ease. Although Wiza is tolerant, she has the spirit of fear. Goodwill is Wiza’s childhood sweetheart; the first man she fell in love with, so it’s not easy for her to move on from him. Wiza is not a mean person and even though she has started an affair with the doctor, she still wants her husband to recover. 

If she loves her husband so much, why did she drop him? According to Catherine, it was to get the doctor's attention and to expose the incompetence of the nurses. Now, Wiza has resorted to being a pimp to make money so that she can cover her husband’s hospital bills. Is that not love?  ?

Amidst all of her challenges, Wiza is struggling to keep the secret of her and the other girls covering up Alan's death, and she even almost told her husband in the first season. 

What does Catherine wish for Wiza?

"I wish Wiza’s life could fall into place and that she can distance herself from Muta and Noni so that her life does not have to revolve around those two". 

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Images are sourced from Catherine Mulope’s Instagram.