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Three heads are better than one? - Amooye

14 May 2020
In the wake of trouble Noni, Muta and Wiza join forces
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There's so much we love about Amooye. From the highs, to the lows, and everything in between. Here's a brief overview of the season thus far…

In the season premiere of #ZMAmooye, Kabwe proposed to Noni despite being in love with another woman. Their wedding planner to be exact! At the same time, Muta found out she was pregnant but didn’t know who the father was. Wiza was grappling with life as the sole breadwinner while her husband chased a pipe dream.

A deeper look into the lives of Noni, Wiza and Muta revealed surprising cracks beneath a glossy exterior, showing that all that glitters is not gold.

Wiza was in store for bitter disappointment and embarrassment as her husband squandered good opportunities for legitimate employment in order to chase his pipe dream. With her own job on the line, Wiza ventured into the dangerous world of prostitution as a way to make fast money.

It became obvious that Kabwe was distracted. Suffering from a lack of attention and affection, Noni began to entertain her old flame Alan, despite him being married and she engaged.

Muta finally told her boyfriend and colleague Daniel about her pregnancy. At the same time, Muta’s husband,James found out about her pregnancy and ambushed her with an impromptu family celebration. In an astonishing twist, Daniel was fired from work because of some missing money, and believing Muta should go down with him, began to plot Muta’s downfall.

It was in the midst of all this that Alan was killed - and all hell broke loose! Wiza, Noni and Muta are implicated in a high level crime and are completely out of their depth. Noni, realising that she must save her family in more ways than one, as rumours and reputations come into question, turns to the bottle for comfort; Muta is overrun with problems on the home front; and Wiza’s husband catches wind of her prostitution business.

As Noni, Muta, and Wiza each struggle to come to terms with their involvement in Alan's death, they have to join forces to work out a plan going forward.
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