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Thokozani Mhango takes centre stage – Amooye

16 March 2020

Thokozani Nadi Mhango is the 26-year-old multi-talented and multi-faceted CEO of TNMA (Thokoza Nadi Multi Arts),
steadily balancing her career in the Performing Arts, excelling in academics and the all-around hustle of her life's journey!

Zambezi Magic asked Thokozani these burning questions???:

ZM: Was being an actress always on the radar for you? 

TM: Growing up with a beautician for a mom, it started with a love for fashion. My mom would get me and my sisters all dolled up and we'd parade around and act like Broadway Headliners.

ZM: So when did you catch the 'acting bug'?

TM: From a very young age my parents say "[I] would act my way out of getting a good spanking!" According to them, just one stroke would result in me throwing myself to the ground, followed by an impressive pretense at choking, just so I wouldn't get a second one.

TM: Then back in 2017 me and my Dad had an argument and at the end of it he told me I was too dramatic and [that] I should try getting into acting because I'd fit in well. I thought long and hard about what he said and decided to go for it!

Thokozani's breakthrough TV appearance was on Date My Family Zambia, which catapulted her to a supporting role on the Ray Mwape production 'Husband 4 Rent'. This opportunity teleported her to yet another supporting role - this time on Zambia's first ever telenovela - ZUBA!
 Now, she's set to star in the Zambia's freshly minted TV show 'Amooye', as one of three leading ladies - Muta.

When Zambezi Magic asked her how she manages to DO IT ALL, she gave us this most remarkable answer:
TM: With my parents as my financial backers, my brother as my vocal coach, my elder sister as my life coach and my little sisters my fashion advisors. 

ZM: Wow Thokozani! That's amazing. Any special message to Zambia and the rest of the world?
TM: All I can say is #HelloWorld I am ready for you!

Amooye premieres on the 23rd of March at 21:30 on DStv CH 162. Make a date with #ZambeziMagic and show your #Love4Local by joining in the conversation using #ZMAmooye!