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Picking up the pieces – Amooye

09 February 2021
In season 2 Muta, Wiza and Noni try to put their lives back together in the aftermath of the wedding.
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Last season on #ZMAmooye, Kabwe proposed to Noni despite being in love with… their wedding planner! Muta found out she was pregnant and Wiza grappled with life as the sole breadwinner, while her husband chased a pipe dream.

Amooye proved itself to be a thrilling addition to an already sizzling line-up on Zambezi Magic. But more importantly, the show highlighted some of the tensions modern African women face as they try to carve out professional career paths, and shone a light on the impact of societal expectations in the process of growing into one’s own womanhood.

This season…

Muta loses both her child and her husband Daniel and struggles to cope with the subsequent depression. Unfortunately, she fails to get the support she needs from her new partner (James), and wrestles with the pressure to get back to ‘normal’.

Noni has a hard time adjusting to her new life of less privilege. Nonetheless, she plucks the courage to start a business. But given her family’s epic fall from grace, she finds the rise from the trenches all but impossible.

Wiza, devoted wife as always, stays by Goodwill’s side while he is in a coma. Ironically, she starts to develop feelings for Goodwill’s doctor and in spite her best efforts, she cannot resist the man.

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