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Muta leaves no one behind – Amooye

17 March 2021
Everyone deserves a good story.

The first thing we noticed when we joined Muta’s (Thokoza Mhango) Facebook Live Chat last week Friday is that she had someone next to her: Ruth, a friend and sign language interpreter who was signing as Muta spoke. 

Sign language is a form of communication used by the hearing-impaired and is language expressed through a combination of hand shapes and facial expressions. So naturally we were all left in awe, and were keen to know what prompted the decision for Muta to bring a guest.

Muta revealed she made the decision to have an interpreter because she did not want anyone to feel left out – and that if there were any deaf people on the Facebook Live who wanted to gain insights about #ZMAmooye, they’d be able to follow everything that was being discussed. Another pleasant surprise? Muta is fluent in sign language too! 

In an ideal world, she would love to see content that centres both the hearing-impaired, alongside those who can hear. “Deaf people love to tell stories too and they love to talk”. Fans on the Live Chat were excited that she had opened up this conversation and expressed their excitement to see stories like this in the future.

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Apart from being considerate, we found out some other interesting things about Thokoza. 

•          When she’s not acting she works in Public Relations 

•          The one thing she and Muta have in common is that they are go-getters

•          She loves acting because she loves being able to share people’s stories 

•          In 2021 she wants to get serious her social media  

•          She is a homebody that loves to travel 

•          Her celebrity crush is Pop Smoke (RIP)

•          She loves to sing and dance 

This was such an inspiring Facebook Live Chat for many reasons and she also had words of inspiration for all of us: “Don’t give up! Keep on pushing. If you have a dream, go for it!”

Make sure to tune in to our official Facebook page at 19:30hrs on Friday, 19 March for our final live chat with Wiza.

Images sourced from Thokoza Mhango Facebook.