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A fab Facebook Live Chat with Noni – Amooye  

09 March 2021
We hosted Kasazi Lungu on our official Facebook page recently, and you got to ask her the questions that matter. 
A fab Facebook Live Chat with Noni – Amooye  

This week, we caught up with Kasazi Lungu, better known as Noni from popular Zambezi Magic dramedy #ZMAmooye for a fun chat about all things Amooye. The live chat was set against the sounds of some upbeat music – and every now and then you could see the star bopping her head and singing along to these choice tunes. Amooye, which means coming of age, tells the story of three women; Noni, Muta, and Wiza who are brought together when Noni kills someone and the other two help her cover it up. 

                                                                                                 From riches, to rags:

When asked what sets Amooye apart from anything we’ve seen on our television screens before, Kasazi praised the show for its storytelling style, which she feels is different. This season of #ZMAmooye will be longer than the first season and one thing she can guarantee for sure is that Noni will be serving looks. The most popular question asked during the live chat was whether Noni and Kabwe will get back together – and given their history, would it be surprising if they did? 

We got to know the person behind the character and here are some things you may not have known about Kasazi:  

  • She is short-sighted, so she wears glasses   

  • She loves wine  

  • She is ambitious   

  • She runs her own errands (and walks with cheetahs ?)

  • Mwiza (Anita Munamonga) from Mpali is her real-life mother. 

  • She does not like the public scrutiny that comes with being a public figure    

  • She is a foodie and a fashionista 

Make sure to tune in to our official Facebook page on 12 March at 19:30hrs for our live chat with Muta and on 19 March at 19:30hrs for our live chat Wiza!

Watch Kasazi as 'Noni' on Amooye every Monday to Wednesday at 21:30hrs on Zambezi Magic, DStv Channel 162 to see what is next for Noni. 

Images sourced via: Instagram (@kasazilungu)