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Keeping up with the Amooye ladies

19 May 2020
As the premiere season of Amooye draws to a spectacular close this week, we take a closer look at the private lives of the show’s leading ladies.
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Charting the lives of three young women trying to make the cut in Lusaka, Amooye has proven to be a thrilling addition to an already sizzling line-up on Zambezi Magic. With that being said, the show has also rehashed and highlighted some of the tensions African women face when they’re trying to carve out a path for themselves professionally, as well as how societal expectations play into the process of growing into one’s own womanhood.

It has almost become an expectation for the modern career woman to be an all-rounder, be everything to everyone, and look good while doing it too. We caught up with the cast of Amooye to ascertain if there are any parallels or similarities within the roles that they play on-screen.

Kasazi vs Noni

We can all attest to the fact that despite being a great actress, Noni is drop-dead gorgeous, and while she’d of course have that particular aspect in common with the Noni, her on-screen character, we were still intrigued to see that her love of fashion extends beyond the small screen. Take a look at the vibrant neon and pastel aesthetics. This would naturally lead us to believe that Kasazi is definitely a risk-taker when it comes to her fashion choices, and therefore, the centre of attention.

Thokoza vs Muta

Being a leader and CEO in real life, Thokoza definitely has leadership in common with her character. However, her insta gives us all the vibes of a queen who’s slaying in her lane, staying hydrated and spreading positive vibes. This is definitely in contrast to Muta, who is a frank, no-nonsense and very Type A personality. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that melanin glow. As radiant in the sun as she is in the studio lights!

Catherine vs Wiza

As she already alluded to in our exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview, Catherine enjoys the challenge of playing someone who is quiet and submissive with a “terrible sense of fashion”. This is a far-cry from who she is in reality!. Bold and vivacious are the moods that punctuate her IG and unlike her character, she’s definitely looking to stand out, own her space and not blend into the shadows.

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