Zambezi Magic launches Spiritual Sunday

03 November 2015
Zambezi Magic is delighted to present Spiritual Sunday, a block of spiritual programming from around Southern Africa that will start showing on Sunday, 8th November 2015.
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Zambezi Magic – DStv Channel 160 – is delighted to inform its viewers in the SADC region of the coming of Spiritual Sunday, a block of spiritual programming from around Southern Africa that will start showing on Sunday, 8th November 2015.

Spiritual Sunday will come every Sunday morning starting at 8am and will feature different genres of Christian programming that will carter for the Christian community in the SADC region. The programming will include latest gospel music videos from different countries on a show called Kuyamika – Voices of Praise and a two hour Zambezi Sunday Service that will feature sermons from different churches in the SADC region.

“We understand that our viewers in the SADC region are deeply Christian and this is why we have come up with a content that caters for their spiritual enrichment. We have an array of programmes that will include, sermons, gospel music and magazine talk shows among others that will speak to their daily walk as Christians,” said Addiel Dzinoreva, Head of Zambezi Magic Channel.

Dzinoreva said starting on Sunday 8th November Zambezi Magic wants to ensure that our viewers get inspired to live the kind of lives they deserve and desire and they get rejuvenated to face the week ahead.

Kuyamika – Voices of Praise will feature music from the amazing gospel artists from the African continent and some international flavour. Launching the Zambezi Magic Sunday Service is the esteemed Pastor Bishop Banda from the Northmead Assembly of God Church, Lusaka, Zambia.

“Our viewers should look out this Sunday morning for great preaching by Bishop Banda on The Liberating Truth and for greater Christian insight on the magazine show The Liberating Truth Forum,” Dzinoreva said. “Spiritual Sunday is certainly good news to all our viewers in the SADC region. We are calling on all Christian churches and communities to provide us with their ready-made content to air on the show. Our aim is to expand with more exciting spiritual programming planned for 2016,” he added.

Now in its fourth month, M-Net’s Southern African focused general entertainment channel Zambezi Magic continues to search for and identify relevant new titles that it can add to its developing content line-up.

“Having always championed the need to showcase African content, we appreciate the demand for a channel like Zambezi Magic as there are series, movies, music, documentaries and more from Southern Africa that need to be screened to a wider regional audience. Now as we enter month 4 of the channel’s life, we are more convinced than ever that Zambezi Magic has the potential to grow in line with audience expectations. We plan to continue evolving to meet this goal,” Dzinoreva said.

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