Thuso and the Business Zone – DMF Botswana

04 September 2019
This week, our spirited bachelor hopes his no-limits approach to life will win him limitless romance
<p>Thuso and the Business Zone</p>

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Happy-go-lucky Thuso just may be Cupid's most willing victim yet! Unfettered by past experiences (or even conventional fashion sense), his heart is wide open to the possibility of a match with one of 3 carefully selected potential love interests.

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Thuso, is a 34 year old father of two and serial entrepreneur who keeps it cool, calm and interesting! He just doesn’t know when he’s beaten, and that’s a good thing! He is looking for someone beautiful on the inside as well as out, to offer him unconditional love and companionship from now until happily ever after.

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Bubbly Sethunya is looking for a "caramel dream". The 25 year old beauty has family values, spontaneity, a humble attitude and good dress sense on her wish list. Hmmm. Unfortunately for Thuso, her friends think that she is ‘too beautiful’ for the hapless prince charming.

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This down to earth, caring 25-year-old pursuing a diploma in Early Childhood Development seems like the perfect nurturer and mate for our bachelor…on paper. She is looking for an ambitious, financially stable guy with a clean look. However, her family and friends are much tougher to impress.

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Soft voice, strong opinions. 25-year-old mommy of two Tamara is looking for someone who vibes with her humour and creative side. But! She has her baby-daddy on the panel! We’re not sure how she thought this one would go, but baby-daddy telling a potential suitor that she’s a ‘practising Sangoma’? Hmmm, yeah sounds about right!

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Following three unique dates with the bachelorettes families, Thuso picks Lala! Much to the dismay of her clan who exclaim “You’re back! Why?!” Unruffled, Thuso leads her away into the sunset, undoubtedly impressed by his prize.

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When asked to confirm a second date, Lala diplomatically suggests a follow-up business meeting instead. Business-zoned much?