Patience’s Knight in Shining Armour – My Kitchen Party

26 November 2018
Not all knights wear a shiny chainmail armour and helmet, as Patience got to find out first hand
mkp ep25 patience banda

Walking in the rain with nary the appropriate clothing can be a very debilitating task as Patience Banda got to find out first hand, but save the timely intervention of Kunda; who offered her his jacket to help shield her from the elements was the chivalrous move that broke the ice, literally and opened up a line of conversation between them, and numbers were exchanged at the end of the short journey.

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Soon enough, friends became lovers as the pair spent time together, getting to know one another and form a bond which could possibly stand the test of time. With the pair deciding to take their relationship t the next level, Kunda proposed and Patience said yes.

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With all protocols observed, the couple fixed a date and the event was scheduled; and as usual, we tagged along to bring you some of the highlights of the day.

Mother's joy at the pending nuptials

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Grandma also gets in on the act

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She wears many hats: Aunt, committee chair, chef

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Final Dress fitting before D-Day

1543238916 34 screenshot 2018 11 23 at 10.55.01

Hair and Makeup getting done for D-Day

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Veiled and ushered in by the matron, family and friends

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Groom arrives in tow

1543239271 34 screenshot 2018 11 23 at 11.20.15

Patience: Unveilled and showered with gifts

1543239542 34 screenshot 2018 11 23 at 11.22.58

Kunkula and gifts for the groom

1543239664 34 screenshot 2018 11 23 at 11.26.00

Nothing beats hugs, kisses and prayers from mommy dearest

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Not all heroes wear a cape, and not all knights wear a chainmail armour. Patience has found this out forst hand and as she commits her future to her husband, we have nothing to say except that we wish them all the bliss, fun, laughter and joys of togetherness.

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