Original African Movies: 18 - 22 September

18 September 2017
This week, stay engaged on Zambezi Magic as we bring you the best of original African movies at 12:00 and at 17:00.

Monday 18 September

12:00 Feast of the Eagle Part 1

Oppressed by a tradition that allows maidens to be sacrificed to the gods; a brave young man is determined to rescue his sister causing a division in the community.

17:00 Ekwueme and His Investments Part 2

Ekwueme expects great returns from whoever marries his daughters so when his fraudulent son in-law comes with promises of riches; he is led by his own greed to a sad end.

Tuesday 19 September

12:00 His Royal Majesty Part 1

A King's aim is to be the most powerful, sadly his ambition comes with a shameful price which begins to spiral out of control when he decides to find a new wife.

17:00 The Nemesis Part 1

Uzodinma’s reckless life makes him the black sheep of his family while his brother succeeds. So, he decides to change for the better but the evil of his past creeps up.

Wednesday 20 September

12:00 Zeruwa Part 1

After the death of her father, a young woman’s family is pressured to produce their region’s councilor and she is faced with powerful oppositions including her uncle.

17:00 The King and the Python Part 1

A young king battles some dark power manipulating events in his community. A young man picks up the responsibility of finding out what is responsible for the calamity.

Thursday 21 September

12:00 For Love and For Pain Part 1

A young woman sacrifices everything she worked for to help the man she loves, sadly he travels overseas leaving a path of pain and anguish for her.

17:00 Evil Coffin Part 2

Two poor sisters face hard times as their coffin business becomes unprofitable after their father’s death; desperate, they seek the help of an evil water goddess.

Friday 22 September

12:00 Nkasi The Village Fighter

A troublesome young woman, feared by all in her village surprises everyone when she gets the attention of the government to be in a marathon.

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