OPW Zambia: What makes a wedding perfect?

17 November 2016
Take a look at the five things we think make the big day extra special and absolutely memorable!

One of the most special days for people in love is the day they tie the knot. It's that magical event where they finally commit to each other for ever more in front of their loved ones.

And whether it's a big elaborate affair or just a simple, small numbered get together, one's wedding day will forever go down in a couple's history as one of their most memorable moments. But before the big day arrives, there's a lot of sweat and tears that goes into making it heavenly. That's why us at Zambezi Magic tried to find out; What makes a wedding perfect?


It goes without saying that before taking the big step, a couple must truly be in love. It's what creates that magical glow we see in their faces as they stare at each other when standing at the alter. There has to be love... and lots of it!

The Venue

Big or small. Palace or by the beach. The venue is key to creating the perfect atmosphere for the couple's special day. Get it right and everyone will be talking about the day for years to come but get it wrong and well... expect a few snickers from the crowd!

The Entertainment

While the guests are happy to be there, no one wants to stare at the lovebirds for the entire day. That's why top class entertainment is a must have. It can be a groovy DJ who drops a seamless playlist or a hilarious MC who keeps the audience in stitches, either way, the people need to be entertained!

The Guests

Who doesn't love the crazy aunt or that uncle who opens up the dancefloor? A wedding truly is nothing without the guests!

The Kiss

The most amazing moment of the entire day. Forget the ring, the kiss is the moment the couple seals their love in front of those they know and care for. That's why there's a mandatory rule that the kiss has to last no less than 30 seconds and don't be surprised if the family demands another one just to be sure!

These are some of the things that make a wedding day beyond memorable and one for the books.

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