Olanimas Wants Two Dates – Date My Family Zambia

04 April 2019
Photo and video grapher ready for love
dmfzambia ep 5 olanimas

Olanimas J. Sampson is a 35 year old photo and video grapher who dabbles into other side hustles, most notable is his hair dying business which he wears proudly, literally. He claims to have been single for over 3 years now and has two kids from different women, 11 months apart.

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Ready to get back onto the dating scene, he will be dining with the families of three hopefuls in a bid to find his perfect match. Let’s meet the hopefuls:

Bachelorette 1: Hope

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This 23 year old entrepreneur who sells clothes loves to party up a storm  and considers herself a jovial person. Her ideal guy must have good breath, flawless hygiene and good looking.

Bachelorette 2: Theresa

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29 year old electrical engineer who her friends consider as kind, loving and compassionate. She considers herself a go-getter and daring as she likes to challenge herself every time and in everything.

Bachelorette 3: Anna

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The 25 year old risk taker is considered by her friends as a self-motivated woman who loves travelling, music and adventures. She believes humility and respect are key in her ideal partner.

With all three dinner dates done, our slow talking charm spitting bachelor now has to make a choice of which hopeful he would love to take on his next date.

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Shockingly, he picks Theresa. This is after he left Anna’s house with their desert cup and promised to return it? Wow, what is Olanimas up to here? Anyways, his date with Theresa goes well enough that they make plans for a second date where he will be cooking for her. Maybe he isn’t such a douchebag afterall? Or is this his own way of wooing the ladies?

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