Njila: The Phase - A tale of riches to rags

04 February 2016
Follow the story of Njila, a tale of two sibling trying to find their way out of the miserable life they've found themselves living.

One of the most well known facts of life is that it's not easy. No matter who you are, you're bound to face one set of challenges or the other and while most of us tend to make it through to the other end of the tunnel, some are not always as lucky.

Njila – The Phase follows the story of two siblings who are facing the worst time in their lives after the death of their wealthy father. Life as they know it is thrown into disarray when their uncle Tom robs them of all the property that their father left behind, forcing the brother and sister to live in a rum-shackle that is close to the mansion they once lived in.


Now with little to their name and prospects of redemption few, the siblings must now find a way out of their miserable life.

Don't miss the premiere of Njila: The Phase on Friday 5 February at 20:30, Zambezi Magic DStv channel 160.

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