Kicking off January with a bang on Zambezi Magic!

06 January 2020
Zambezi brings you a world of magic with top shows this 2020!
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The holidays may be over but we're just get started with some world class entertianment for the year! As 2020 gets going, we're taking a look at the unmissable magic coming your way this week to help keep that festive cheer up!

Here are the top show highlights and be sure to follow us on social media for regular updates and exclusive sneak peeks!


Thandiwena and Chawezi clash over Thandiwena's ruling on Chinyanta's case. Chawezi feels Thandiwena has been too lenient on Chinyanta's obvious betrayal.


Lute insults Sandra for being friendly with Mainza. Suwi is angry with Natasha for insisting she planted the muti and Natasha tells off Joshua for the press conference.


Chiilubanda lurks around the farm, his dark plans to harm the Nguzu family are launched. Meanwhile Nancy comes back to the farm, much to the disappoinment of the wives.


This week on Tuvwange the ladies unpack the side chick confrontation conversation plus get wrapped around a quick hack perfect for a bad hair day plus the girls kick off the year with some chilled vibes at the 'I Love House' bikini party.


It's all laughs to wrap the week as two renowned boxers visit Spoiler's home and ruffle his feathers causing him to quickly hatch a wicked plan to subdue his opponents!

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