Dreams: Frequently Asked Questions

05 July 2017
Answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

When and where are the auditions? The auditions are in:

Copperbelt Province: Kitwe, Mukuba Mall - 15th July 2017

Eastern Province: Chipata, Chipata Shopping Mall - 22nd July 2017

Southern Province: Livingstone, Post Office - 29th July 2017

Lusaka Province: Lusaka, Levy Junction Mall - 5th August 2017

My city is not listed here. Will you come to my city?

Unfortunately, no. Auditions will only take place in Kitwe, Chipata, Livingstone and Lusaka.

How can I register?

No registration is needed. You can simply show up on the day of the auditions with your ID or NRC and participate. If you do not have an ID or NRC than you cannot audition. We will also be giving away “Fast-Track” tickets on social media. Keep following us on Social Media for more information.

How old must I be to audition?

You must be older than 18 years old. If you are between 15 and 18 you can still audition, but you need to bring a letter of consent from your parent/guardian.

How much is it to audition/participate?

There is no participation fee. It is free.

What type of songs must I sing?

You may select any song you like. There are no restrictions.

Can I bring an instrument?

Yes, you may.

I am a Rapper. Can I participate?

Yes, you may.

Is this only a singing contest or is it a talent contest?

It is specifically a singing contest.

Can I sing together with my friend/group?

No. These auditions are individual.

What happens if I get selected during the auditions phase?

Should you get selected during the auditions phase, we will bring you to Lusaka where you will reside in our Dreams House. For the remainder of the show, you will stay in the Dreams House until you get voted out. The total duration of your stay in the Dreams House will not exceed 3 months.

For this purpose, it is recommended that you make the necessary arrangements with your work/school during this period, as you will be actively participating in the show full-time in order to achieve your Dreams. If you are voted out before the end of the program, then the Dreams Team will ensure your safe return home.

What are the prizes?

First Place:          K100 000

Second Place:    K25 000

Third Place:         K25 000

Plus all 3 finalists win a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa!

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