Dating Etiquette - Date My Family

14 August 2021
Here’s a few things you need to consider when seeking a potential partner
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We all love, love and all things that come with it; be it the butterflies in the stomach whenever you see your potential somebody, down to the way you need to act around them. 

What does it really mean to ‘date’ someone and what does it take for them to see you as a potential partner?

Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts of the dating world, according to Date My Family.




Always show a certain level confidence in yourself. It’s an all-round attractive trait that shines through before you even say anything. 


Although some people say honesty is hard to come by, it’s almost always important to communicate your expectations and intentions honestly.


There can’t be a relationship without you being present, whether you are present physically, emotionally and/or financially. We like financial availability :) Availability speaks to the time invested in your relationship. 

Have something to offer

This part is usually downplayed a lot mainly because some people don’t love you for what you have but for who you are. With that said, it is important as an individual to have something better to bring to the relationship table, other than the obvious.


We all know intimacy plays a massive role in the success of a relationship, even though it might not be the main thing. It’s imperative to have a good intimate relationship with your partner, where excitement is the spice of your daily lives.


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Trust is earned and is the core element of a fruitful union. Without trust, there is definitely no relationship. Usually when trust is broken, the relationship is fractured and might take massive gestures of love to fix, if at all.


Love is the key that unlocks even the toughest of hearts. You can’t be with someone if you don’t see yourself loving them entirely. It gets tricky when trust is broken, because that’s when love starts having doubts.

La Familia (Family)

Now that you’ve started dating, what do you think of the few family members you’ve met? Always remember that those people are your partner’s everything in life so loving him means loving them. Do you see yourself loving them?


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You and your partner need to be excited and ambitious about your future together. Is your partner driven in their own capacity? This determines whether or not he/she will continue being proactive towards your future, together. 

We might not have listed ALL the characteristics of a good dating experience but at least we got you thinking. Tell us what other traits fuel your dating experience. 

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