Can Isaac tame Prudence – Date My Family Zambia

18 March 2019
Prudence thinks she is now mature enough for a relationship, so she goes in search for the right partner
dmfzambia ep 3 prudence and isaac

24 year old procurement manager turned actress has been single for 3 years now and she feels she is now emotionally ready for a relationship. She considers herself as someone who loves her space and seldom goes out except with friends, and the venue/location must be noiseless as loud places irritate her. Though her friends consider her to be fun to be around, she would rather be at home reading or staying away from people because of her erratic temper which has no foo or pause button once it flares.

Prudence, basking in her new found emotional maturity will be dining out with the families of all three hopefuls in a bid to find the right guy who can handle her and all her drama, so we tagged along to share the journey with you. Lets meet her hopefuls:

Suitor 1: Isaac

A 24 year old Forex trader by profession who loves playing basketball and listening to music. He likes children and enjoys being around them. His ideal partner must be self-driven, family oriented and selfless; and his deal breakers are dishonesty.

Suitor 2: CJ

A 21 year old mechanical engineering student who loves reading and showing off his Ostriches lives on a farm. He loves drawing and wants a partner who is clean and humble. He hates bad hygiene, heavy make-up and bad English as these put him off.

Suitor 3: Mwango

This outdoor loving 21 year old second year student loves the outdoors and enjoys a nice quiet and reserved outing with friends. He wants a quiet and intelligent partner who should be light-skinned and curvy; and if she has kids, not more than 2. He hates public smoking.

Prudence wasn’t mincing her words when she talked about her fiery temper, which flared up during her second dinner date, as it seems she may have had some misgivings with the friends of her potential suitor, but all ended well and she settled for Isaac whom she felt was best represented by his family.

We sure hope that as they both plan their second date/outing/chill-in; he fully understands what he is getting himself into and his 5 year drought doesn’t lead him into the lioness’s den.

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